Who We Are

Partnering to build a world where all are safe, healthy and free.

For nearly 4 years, RGF has worked to help people and nature thrive.

As the charity, awareness and education solution driven organization, WWF works primarily in Nigeria. At every level, we collaborate with people locally and internationally to develop and deliver innovative solutions that protect, provide for and upgrade individuals, infrastructure and communities.

People are at the center of everything we do. RGF works to help the youth and children of local communities gain access to resources needed for education, empowerment, survival and growth. We aid in transforming education, learning and supply policies toward sustainability. Our efforts ensure that the next generation of Nigerians are provided with the necessary tools and education needed to survive, thrive and transform their communities . BCCF connects cutting-edge education and transformation projects with the collective power of our partners in the field, more than XXXXXX supporters in Nigeria and XXXXX globally, as well as partnerships with communities, companies, and governments.

Today, human corruption and neglect has put more pressure on the less privileged than ever before, but it’s also people who have the power to change this trajectory. Together, we can address the greatest threats to our people, our communities and our nation through unity and love.

Our Approach


— Our Mission

Refuge Gate Foundation (RGF) is a Nigerian led organization.  Our Mission is to assist rural African children with the girl child in focus in quality education accessibility through door to door rural dwellers sensitization on the need for formal education, conscientizing governments on the need for rural free education, provision of learning materials and develop collaborative partnership with CSOs for implementation.


— Our Vision

  • To mobilize the wide range of our teeming youths to have one voice that will eliminate discrimination and disunity among the people of our dear State.
  • To strive for the deepening of democracy and building of the people’s power in unity and social, economic and political spheres where collective needs and interests of the people as a whole come before profits and other elite interest.
  • To build the sustained unity of vision, strength, struggles and unity in programmes of action between all sections of the oppressed and exploited in the workplace, communities and villages.
  • To orientate and expand the knowledge and understanding of the people in the communities, villages, wards and below to know their leader’s responsibilities at Local, State and Federal level addressing the impact of one voice one love and one unity

— Our Story

To build a platform that will bring all Akwa-ibomites and Nigerian together, as we all know that “Charity begins at home and does not end there”. Refuge Gate Foundation is a united bridge that is bridging the gap between the government and the people of our great state with a positive mindset among our peoples.